What is the Meaning & Definition of Tequila

Typical alcoholic drink originating in Mexico

Tequila is a typical alcoholic drink originating in Mexico, more precisely from the municipality of Tequila located in the State of Jalisco, and which stands out for its high graduation of alcohol. Tequila is achieved from a plant that is of course originally from Mexico, where occurs preferably that is popularly known as agave or pita.
To be able to determine that the drink is the same original tequila must have in their composition of at least 51% of sugars that they come from the above mentioned plants and be produced in those regions of Mexico engaged in their manufacture.
Well pure tequilas contain 100% of these sugars.

What is processing?

Its preparation involves obtaining the agave juice, then ferments it is and finally this preparation is distilled. Now, we must emphasize that there are different processes, some more industrial and others more craft. Depending on the procedure the tequila that is obtained can be white, gold or another. And depending on the time of maturation that holds it may be valued as reposado, anejo or extra Añejo.

Use in preparation of cocktails

Tequila can only be drunk or can drink mixed with other alcoholic beverages. There are many drinks of different denomination which contain this popular drink among its components. The margarita and tequila sunrise are examples of cocktails or drinks containing tequila and which are very popular in all over the world.
Meanwhile, the most common way drinking tequila in the bars, pubs or discos is in a small glass of glass, called shot, and the usual form is placed in the hand a little salt which should be eaten immediately before drinking from a throw-in to the tequila and finally a slice of lemon is must suck.
We must point out that as a result of the large amount of alcohol that contains recommended drinking in moderation.
Also, the word Tequila appoints territories belonging to Mexico, such as the municipality belonging to the State of Jalisco and one that corresponds to the State of Veracruz.

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