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We use the word stubborn with recurrence in our language when we want to indicate that someone is characterized or stands out for its obstinacy and this desire does not want to know anything when it comes to change in attitude or thinking here of something or someone. Although there is evidence or specific arguments that demonstrate the opposite, contrary to what he believes the stubborn, it refuses to twist your decision or to abandon this or that idea.
Although the stubborn Word presents a popular and widespread use, there are also other terms, used as its synonym, we use them a lot to refer as directed, among them: headstrong and stubborn.
Now, it is noted that sometimes stubborn Word can be used not so much with a critical, negative purpose, indicate who is stubborn in their thoughts and ideas, but failing that we can apply it when we want to express the toughness and resistance to the complications that someone demonstrated in the performance of an activity, a task or in the realization of a target or goal. The stubborn, in this sense will insist and insist with passion and strength in what longs for or want and usually succeeds. Laura is so stubborn that we all knew he would finally realize the dream of opening his own clothing business.
In this case be stubborn will bring positive benefits, while in the sense mentioned at the beginning of the review not, because it is attributed to reference a negative charge since it implies that the person does not change mind, even when they show you that it is indeed wrong.
On the other hand, when the Word applies in relation to an animal or a thing it allows to express that animal or that thing are difficult to manage in relation to their peers.
The term which is at odds with which we are concerned is compromised, allowing just refer to one who is tolerant and accepts the proposal of the other.
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