What is the Meaning & Definition of term

The term Word supports several applications, such as...
In the context of grammar or language, a term is the same that concern a Word, or a segment of the speech. I ask you please not to use these terms when you talk to me, they bother me; the language teacher took us a dictation of 30 terms.
On the other hand, the term word implies the end of something, i.e., it is the last point to which something comes or the last moment of existence. Juan put an end to their suffering. At the end of the road you will find the route that takes you directly to my house. At the end of the film you can see some of the backstage.
Also, the term Word allows to refer limit or end that holds something intangible. Behave well, took a term my patience.
On the other hand, in the field of mathematics, the term can be: each of the parties linked from the sign of the sum or the subtraction in an analytical expression; the numerator or denominator of a fraction and the term middle which is the amount that results from adding others and dividing the sum by the number of them.
In logic, a term refers to each of the parts that make up a proposition or a syllogism.
Also, at the behest of the conclusion of contracts, called terms conditions that establish the parties involved in the same. One of the terms of the agreement says that animals to housing cannot be brought.
The appearance or intermediate situation between two extremes, to each of the parties in which a scene is divided in a play, a film or a painting; the way of behaving or way of speaking; to the State or situation in which is a thing or an individual; at the particular time; the site designated for any purpose; the dividing line of States, provinces, municipalities or districts and the signal that sets the limits of land and fields, also he referred to with the word term.
And on the other hand, the expression ultimately is recurrently used in colloquial language to refer as a last resort. Ultimately, we can wait for the results of the studies and do another query with another doctor.Article contributed by the team of collaborators.

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