What is the Meaning & Definition of Terminal

When using the concept of terminal refers to the physical space in which end and begin all lines of transportation of a certain region or a certain type of transport (e.g., bus, or train). In this sense, the word terminal is used almost as a noun but in reality is an adjective that qualifies a station or stop as the terminal. However, the common use of the term has been mostly a noun because it is understood that the terminal is a place in itself. If we return to the idea of qualifying adjective, the concept of terminal is also used commonly to refer to those stadiums of certain diseases in which the situation is irreversible and it is assumed that the person will not survive much longer.
The notion of a physical space being a shuttle service terminal supposed to be there where you depart and arrive where all vehicles or transport that is put in place. The terminals are usually stations or major stops throughout the tour for several reasons. Firstly, because it is there where normally remains all or much of the fleet (either trains, buses, buses for short distance, etc.), by which the space should be larger. Secondly, the terminal is also the place to which all lines of course arrive, which means that the movement of vehicles and persons is also much more important. Finally, in terminals is in places where several services are available ranging from tickets to consumption of food products, gifts, etc.
Depending on the type of transport concerned, as well as the region in which it is located, the terminal may be more or less sophisticated. In general, aircraft terminals tend to be much more sophisticated than the of other means of transportation, even having private security.
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