What is the Meaning & Definition of terrace

The term terrace presents various references according to the context in which will use it.
The most recurrent use of the term is one that refers to the part of the House that occurs outdoors, i.e. the habitable outdoor extension of a House which is above the ground and that is equipped with low walls or railings.
Also, it turns out to be the usable flat roof of a building.
While features vary, generally, the terraces are much more spacious balconies, are as a room more but without external walls and often even do not have roof. In the destination given to it, it will also be infinitely varied, they may be used as a place of meeting, entertainment, Sun, to eat, to hang the clothes washing, among other alternatives.
On the other hand, at the request of agriculture, called terrace to the horizontal surface in areas with slopes promoted by the activity of the man, supported by a wall and which is mostly used to carry out agricultural tasks. They usually occur in areas that present steep slopes where it is not possible to horizontal excavation. This type of construction more than anything else is their raison d ' être in contexts of high population density.
On the other hand, a marine terrace is a geographical accident involving a platform that has been exposed to the combination of two phenomena: variation in the level of the sea and tectonic changes along the coast in question.
The way in which it is presented is as a narrow coastal strip that leans towards the sea and is covered by marine deposits such as sand, gravel, among others.
Also, the terrain is a café, restaurant or bar front and has as mission that clients can locate there to enjoy their meals and drinks outdoors called popularly as terrace. In the summer, this street is filled with terraces where it is possible to have coffee or drinks.
And in some parts of the world it is recurrent in informal language people use the word terrace to refer to a person's head; their behavior shows that John is not very well from the terrace.

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