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Measure intelligence
The intelligence test, also known as C.I. or I.Q. test, test of IQ test, is a test whose main role will be the measure the intelligence of an individual through rough measurement of IQ which holds.
A capacity at the service of the good choices and problem solving
Intelligence is a capacity that are all human beings and that is basically it will allow us to choose from among a range of possibilities the best option or alternative in order to solve a problem or the satisfaction of a need that we can present, i.e., is it that tells us how to do such- and -such thing with an almost guaranteed success.
Also it is intelligence which will tell us an alternative to choose from among several proposals to solve a problem. Intelligence allows individual assimilate information, understand it and develop it to then eventually use it properly.
Why it is that intelligence is closely linked to issues such as understanding, ability of assimilation and elaboration of information.
The assessment of intelligence in our culture
As a consequence of the fundamental consideration that is attributed to this capability is that people pay a lot of attention to the own and foreign intelligence, and for instance, when we encounter someone who shows a great response in this respect is that it stands out. Meanwhile, with the opposite case, i.e. those which do not show in his actions and elections the most minimal intelligence are often underestimated and even to stigmatize as little smart.
This huge valuation that our culture gives the intelligence generated precisely those of appraisals and those slights when someone not classified with the expected level.
But eye, this aspect should be careful because many times people tend to link intelligence with ease when solving mathematical problems and this clearly is not, i.e., the person who is good at math course that you will have a certain level of intelligence, although of course, need to have conditions mentioned above not only a facility to make calculations make someone smart.
Types of intelligence
There are different types of intelligence, operational intelligence and psychological intelligence, biological intelligence, it is that the specialists have developed various intelligence tests with the aim of addressing and measure different aspects that may present the same.
How are the tests and evaluate what?
Broadly speaking, most intelligence tests have a series of exercises that should be solved by those who are subject to them in the shortest possible time. Although these tests offer a variety of tests, among the most recurrent can count exercises involving verbal comprehension, Memorisation of arithmetic exercises, figures, Assembly of objects, search for similarities and the complementation of images, among others.
Meanwhile, according to the number of correct and incorrect answers, experts will outline an estimated result of your CI or intellectual coefficient.
The intellectual coefficient or intellectual quotient is that number, enabling you to qualify the cognitive skills of a person regarding the same always to the age group to which it belongs. I.e., if it is to estimate IQ of a 10-year-old boy should be always keeping in mind that age and according to the parameters giving the same age has, but would be incurring a calculation error.
The half of a group of old intellectual coefficient is 100, if a measured person presents a value above 100, then it will be said that it is above the average and is considered a gifted. The standard deviation which can occur in the result of the intelligence test may be between 15 and 16 points.
Intellectual giftedness imply an above average intellectual ability. Normally it is innate, i.e., it is not possible to acquire it through effort or study. When a coefficient test yields a result of 115 will be speaking a brilliant intelligence, while the values of more than 130 already guarantee the giftedness of the person.
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