What is the Meaning & Definition of Test of knowledge

There are different types of tools that are used in a process of personnel selection when a company is looking for the ideal candidate for a job.
In addition to the traditional interview of employment made by coach to the different candidates there are different types of tests that can provide very valuable information.
One possible tool is the test of knowledge which can be used during the selection process to measure the knowledge that a candidate about a particular area.

Measure knowledge

For example, there are jobs for those who requested that the candidate speak English. There are candidates who lie to their curriculum in relation to their level of spoken or written English.
The knowledge test is therefore a particularly valuable test to measure a degree of real objectivity is the knowledge that the candidate has this language and so be able to identify a lie in the curriculum.

Specific knowledge to fulfill a particular post

On the other hand, each position of employment requires specific professional skills. Once the company has listed an objectively what are the specific expertise that the candidate must have, it is possible to apply this specific test to find out who is the ideal candidate that best fits the tasks of the job of an objectively (in job interview there is more risk of subjectivity to the test of knowledge that offers a greater objectivity).

The process of selection tools

Within the test of knowledge there are different types of evidence: for example, languages, typing, computer knowledge test test, test perform a translation of a text. Such tests measure the professionalism of a candidate in a specific area.
The selection process can be very complex when there are highly qualified candidates participating therein, and apparently, there are different types of professional profiles that can fit into this work.
In this way, alternative tools such as tests of knowledge become an assessment test that allows to know the knowledge of a candidate in a more precise way and this information can be a very valuable complement to the information provided in the curriculum or the personal job interview.
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