What is the Meaning & Definition of Test of fitness

There are tools that are very useful in the selection processes for the potential of a candidate and their specific skills to perform the job. Learn the skills of a candidate who takes part in a selection process is very important to choose the professional whose profile is best suited to the needs posed by job.
Such tests measure specific capabilities such as, for example, numerical aptitude, verbal aptitude and abstract fitness.

Measure skills

There are specific jobs where specific skills are valued. For example, abstract fitness is valued in artistic professions. Professionals working as business or in the public service also require a remarkable verbal IQ.
Professionals working in the administrative sector must have a numerical aptitude for a perfect performance of their job. The post of technical jobs require a professional profile have a spatial intelligence.

How are then used the skills test in the selection process?

Firstly, it is very important you specify the powers of the job in order to realize what aptitude test conforms more to these expectations.
Information offering a fitness test is complementary, i.e., gives added value to the information provided by the curriculum of the candidate and the impression in a job interview.
To use a test of fitness in a selection process, it is very important to specify the time that the candidate will have to perform this test. They must also have clearly specified what precise instructions that the candidate must follow for the test.

The value of objectivity

A selection process aims to choose the professional most qualified to a particular task. In which case, is very important to use the resources that are best suited to the needs arising from such place of employment in order to be able to make the best decision with the greatest number of objective data. One of the most important values in the results of a test of fitness is its approach to the objectivity of the results provided.
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