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The term Test corresponds to the English language, however, due to the incredible broadcasting that has been observed, being that its use has been extended to the Spanish language, is that the Royal Spanish Academy has accepted it and also considered an integral part of the Spanish language.
A test that assesses skills, obtain data or check facts
Meanwhile, it refers to any type of test intended to assess knowledge, skills or functions or to verify an issue or obtain any sensitive data on a topic. These are without a doubt the fundamental reasons why a test is being conducted.
The test assessing knowledge school
In academia, the term test holds a special importance and significance, since in many institutions and contexts of this kind the same is used synonymously with the word test. An examination or test, then, is that tool or technique that teachers or professors used to measure the level of knowledge and skills with students attending its classes, about a specific topic.

Usually, always after a course or the end of a chapter, teachers tend to measure knowledge of their students regarding this to know if they were or if they understood it through a test. The test can be oral or written and contain both open and multiple answers questions. In the open student can freely express the answer the multiple must select from a list the answer deemed correct and mark it with a mark to provide reliable account which is the chosen response.
Delve into the personality of the individuals
Another type of common test is the psychological test that entities either psychology professionals to obtain a patient's personality characteristics, to measure the mental faculties of someone, or simply to learn about their individual capabilities.
Then, through this type of test can measure the psychological characteristics of a person and then determine if it is suitable and able to develop this or that activity. Some companies tend to use this kind of test when you open a specific job search, since it will be a very useful tool when it comes to having to decide or not to a person for a fee and more if it requires a certain psychological profile. In this test, answers the interviewed person pouring will be compared through statistical or qualitative methods with the responses of others and what is considered to be the "correct" answer of the case in question to make a relevant classification.
Genetic test, a path to the solution of problems in this field
We can also meet with the so-called genetic test through which and by a biochemical process can be analyzed DNA, RNA, chromosomes, proteins and metabolites of a person in order to determine genotypes, phenotypes, mutations or karyotypes linked to hereditary diseases, which will allow knowing about someone's predisposition to develop some type of disease that has had or may have a family member.
In cases of infertility or miscarriages are often practice these genetic tests because they provide fundamental data about the genetics of each Member of the couple and if there is indeed a problem of this type identifies it and will allow the professional to develop or propose the best treatment to counteract this problem.
And more tests
On the other hand, when wanting to obtain the appropriate license, persons wishing to achieve it, before, must undergo a test of management, through which the competent administrative authority will evaluate both physically, practice and theoretically to the person that you want to apply for it to know if it is conditions to handle.
On the other hand, a type of popular test is the one that allows to determine if a woman is pregnant. Decades ago women had no more alternatives to a blood test to see if they were pregnant, meanwhile, today with the advances that have taken place in science and technology, we have developed products such as for pregnancy tests home which can be purchased at any pharmacy and do it in a few minutes you can know if you are pregnant or not. There are even some that already allow testing is about three or four days before the absence of menstruation and certainly reliable results.
Resource unique and fundamental in achieving information
Then, the foregoing we can conclude that tests are an essential tool in many fields and areas allowing you to achieve precise information about something or someone and be able to determine a problem, resolve any punctual matter, knowing the characteristics of something or someone, among others. Knowledge, skills and capabilities are some of the things that we can find out through a test and the most important thing is that it is a resource that can be put into practice by various contexts.

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