What is the Meaning & Definition of testimony

A testimony is the statement in which ensures, he says, a particular issue. One of the reserved witnesses that the case has complicated by his testimony the defendant.
Also, the term witness express test, justification, proof of the certainty or the existence of something. In the next program we will have the testimony of the Mentalist who will give us details of your extra sensory experience.
On the other hand, testimony, moreover, is that document or other instrument authorized by notary which attests to a particular event. Meanwhile, the false testimony will be that crime that commit, either a witness or an expert, if you miss the truth in any case in which intervene; the penalty that it deserves, and can be effective imprisonment according to the case shall be determined according to the legislation in question. The widow was processed by false testimony after checking that you lied in some passages of his statement to the Court.
In everyday language, and especially in the journalism, the term witness is mostly used to refer to a public statement, either its origin, i.e. whether is it perform in a judicial environment or in a mass media. Journalism constantly feeds and is requiring testimony, for example, is a fact of public interest, it happens then, journalists will go in search of the testimony of its protagonists; If the nation's President resigns, his testimony explaining the reason for such decision will be what journalists look for with utmost dedication.
On the other hand, when a phenomenon that escapes from the naturalness of the ordinary happens, such as an earthquake, also, journalism uses the testimony of experts, offering a finished explanation of the subject matter in any way.
In the past, the term witness was employed as a synonym for the word witness; witness is a person who witnessed a deed.
And in legal terms, the witness is that individual who says his experience in the relevant facts of a case at trial and as we mentioned, testimony, will be the name which in this context is given to his statement.
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