What is the Meaning & Definition of texts

The term text is the plural of the word text, that which makes reference to the written formats that are composed of a specific set of symbols and codes. These symbols to be placed together form a meaning and represent those ideas that human development previous oral way. The appearance of the text is linked to the emergence of writing, around the year 3000 BC, while at the beginning the earliest written forms could not be considered text itself if not rather primitive and simple annotations.
One of the features of the texts is that they seek to express a meaning, regardless of its style, its format or its destination. All articles are made so that the same author or who fulfil the role of reader receives information which, otherwise, could lose them and be altered before the subjective memories of each individual. The texts have been changing over time and the human being has developed more and more complex writing levels that allow you to express very important and important ideas in written form.
Although each text format can be very different according to the type of publication you are looking for to make, issues dealing with or other elements, a text under the following features could be described: are divided into paragraphs or more or less small blocks of words that are joined in prayers linked by meaning. Paragraphs can in turn give rise to chapters, which are sets of pages written. Many types of texts are written continued without division into chapters according to their length.
On the other hand, according to the culture, the layout of the text may also vary. While Western format (read above for down horizontally and from left to right) is the most common, some differences are found for example with the Arabic texts (which are written from right to left) and the Eastern (which are read from top to down vertically).

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