What is the Meaning & Definition of texture

The term texture refers to the feeling that produces touch rubbing with a specific matter and in which the sense of touch is main the same decoder, which is the vehicle or in charge of producing the feeling that holds the texture in question: softness, hardness, roughness, among others.
While touch is that sense that more clearly differentiates one texture of another, as we said before, there are two types of texture, on the one hand we have the touch and the other to the visual. The touch is that detectable only through touch, which allows to distinguish between materials such as cardboard, with relief, such as that of some drawn map with reliefs in the relevant geographical features, thin like paper or those soft, rough velvet. The visual concerns those printed textures that mimic reality, as it may be the case of sand, stone, or rocks, but in addition, allowing the visual is the creation of textures even without its corresponding version in reality.
Flooring, painting, music, tissue and the computer graphics we offer touch and eyes also different possibilities of textures. On the ground, the texture will be determined by the particles that comprise it, in music, on the other hand, the quality that generally holds the musical composition. In the painting, by the feeling that the fabric based on the painting and its corresponding method of application they produce. In the case of tissue, also mentioned by the provision and order that will be given to the leads.
Meanwhile, texture, is preferentially in the field of the design since it is which will bring you to this sensations that to each other and to the rest of the people causes it the newly designed place. The textures are the order of the day and are an almost daily part of environments that we stand, live or visit. In addition, ease of use and combination of textures that can link design, since not everything happens for strictly written, will allow us to give a certain space different types of sensations, adding wealth, size and personality, as appropriate.

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