What is the Meaning & Definition of theatre of shadows

The theatre, one of the main entertainment of the people

The theatre is undoubtedly one of Arts and most important shows of the artistic history of humanity. Since the most remote times it occupies to entertain and bring culture to diverse communities.
While both within the vast universe that involves we can find with different genres and also certainly original and unique proposals, such is the case that concerns us in this review, the theatre of shadows...

Generation of Visual effects through the use of a source of powerful illumination which will be screened on a smooth, white surface

The hallmark of this kind of theatrical proposal is the generation of Visual effects through the use of a source of powerful illumination which will be screened on a smooth, white surface, the more usual can be a screen and a wall. From these conditions the artists involved in the show will be represent the history in question on that screen and making use of his hands, bodies, among other elements.

The hands, the interpreters for excellence

Anyway we must say that they are hands, for excellence in this theatre performers through them and with the aforementioned visual implementation it is possible to create figures of all kinds that will be the characters of the story.

Creation of prehistoric man in the caves and from the fire

But this theatrical proposal is something contemporary, modern, nor much less, since in fact this proposal comes from long and would have been prehistoric man who casually discovered it in its permanence in the caverns. There, when he lit the fire he discovered that it could be shadows with the footballer fire, which not only would be used to entertain themselves but also it would endow them imprint magic and ritual, among others.

The Chinese shadows, history

This practice has led to the so-called Chinese shadows that are the history of this type of theatre.

Evolution but maintenance of the essence

Course with the passage of time, this proposal would evolve, i.e., new elements will be incorporated to practice already with the artistic intention, e.g. fire is replaced by light and the wall of the cave by a wall white and smooth, though, we must emphasize that you kept the original idea, the essence that prehistoric men who created them imposed.

Black light theatre of Prague

A Variant that is associated with this type of theatre is called black Prague Theatre, because it develops just in this city of the Czech Republic and characterized to represent history in a scenario darker than just account with lighting that will be which plays the leading role for its characteristic game of light and shadows.
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