What is the Meaning & Definition of theology

The existence of God is one of the great mysteries to the human being who can be positioned differently from the faith, agnosticism or atheism in connection with the dinividad. Every science has its own object of study. Well, theology is the science which takes as its object of study God. This discipline structure the fundamental principles of everything that has to do with the divine.

Relationship between theology and philosophy

For a long time theology was a branch of the first science, philosophy. Indeed, it should be pointed out that the philosophers also have reflected much on the existence of God to the point that there are thinkers who developed rational evidence to prove its existence. On the other hand, the scholastic philosophy also integrates the knowledge of the faith revealed in the philosophical context.

Types of theology

Each religion has an own theology, i.e. a justification of their own faith. One of the most important theological writings in the context of the Christian religion is the Bible. There are different types of theology, so, between highlight some examples: Egyptian theology, Orthodox theology, Protestant theology, Catholic theology... Each of them has a system of autonomous and independent from the point of view of the principles and truths that govern it.
There are different interpretations on the concept of God as shown in polytheism, i.e., the notion that there are several gods at the idea of the one God of some religious faiths.

The speech of God

Similarly, there are also different ways of interpreting the divine essence. Pantheism concludes that God is everything, in other words, God is material merged with the essence of all creation. On the other hand, there is also opposition to the one God and creator of the Catholic religion.
In which case, God has a different material nature. Strictly speaking, the word theology analyzed etymologically means speech about God, a speech that seeks to reach the understanding of the divine essence. Theological study helps human beings to reach beyond the rational limits and what looks to be able to reflect on the essence of divinity.
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