What is the Meaning & Definition of theory

The concept of theory has an often used in our language since we use it a lot to designate that issue you think about something or someone but it still absolute reliability, not available i.e. is absolutely speculative knowledge about something which cannot be guaranteed completely its reality or truth. Although of course, it is completely valid to express themselves, beyond this detail.
Constantly people us spent it making speculations, bah, theories about things, people, because this happens, because it is the other, how this came to such a place and because another person in the same circumstances could not do it and more...
Now, noteworthy is that with running of the time, the concept began to be used at the request of science to refer to all those that make up the knowledge and assumptions which are the result of direct observation of different phenomena. Any scientific theory is dominated by hypotheses or assumptions proposed by researchers or scientists, and that clear, then will be checked or disposal, as appropriate.
The objective of the theories in this sense is the try to explain or predict a certain phenomenon. Scientific investigations of any kind have resulted in a theory. I.e. basically explain the scope of the phenomenon that is studied or addresses. Everything inherent to it, how, why or when it will systematize and it will be converted into a theory, which then others will be studied or used to explain other associated issues, for example.
In academia, students, it has the obligation, through the various subjects enrolled by their studies, address theories of all kinds that may exist for example on the subject of study.
A clear, concise and descriptico language is essential and very useful when formulating the theory.
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