What is the Meaning & Definition of third age

The age factor influences significantly in people's lives since the passage of the years with respective annual birthday celebration, makes us aware of the finitude of human existence.
Ageing is a natural and logical process, however, in today's society is valued in excess power youth. Seniors 65 years after retirement, approach towards seniors.
Stages of life
A stage that could begin after the 70's in those countries in which life expectancy has increased significantly. The third persons may experience the contradiction of having physical ailments but maintain a perfect mental lucidity and a youth of spirit.
Over the years in a person's life is synonymous with a greater self-awareness and introspection. All also impact positively in the form of self-esteem and clarity of ideas in the decision-making process. Elderly people also have aprendiddo to enhance the value of the fine experiences of life, Relativizing the difficulties in situations of sadness. From this point of view, they have a good mental hygiene.
Older people have more past than future, but above all, have this. I.e., every day becomes a new opportunity. The senior stage is a stage of personal tranquility after a lifetime of hard work.
A stage of tranquility
A moment in which people have more free time to focus on their personal objectives and carry out all those plans that could not perform while they were working for lack of time. I.e., it is a fantastic time to not delay much longer so many illusions were outstanding to carry out.
Advanced age also brings with it as a result of the time some consequences that are practically inevitable. For example, the loss of family and friends who have died. Or also, the possibility of experiencing health problems. However, thanks to the quality of medicine, every time there is a greater quality of life in people of the third age that in many cases enjoy a great personal autonomy.
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