What is the Meaning & Definition of title

The concept of title is widely used in our language and is even possible to use it for various issues. According to the context in which the Word title is used, it will present different references that we will review below.
Title of work of art
The most widespread use which holds the term is the one that refers to the word or short phrase with which States or be provided an artistic work such as a book, a movie, a document or a musical theme, or an issue and that is most of the time, closely related to the content of that on which the work is or is subject the title is a ultra synthesis of what has an artistic work; It is usually composed by a phrase or few words that in addition to making a clear reference to the content of that title tries to be the most attractive or possible ganchero to attract readers or viewers.
Title of nobility
Instances from a noble background, and on the other hand by title, it refers to noble dignity with which differentiates a person and that it is closely related with the noble origin of this.
In the old regime society was divided into social classes, the nobility, which was the class that had more privileges and benefits together with the clergy and the opposite sidewalk and with none of the advantages was the populace.
Class which was related with the monarchy, nobility enjoyed the closeness with the monarch and then in addition to occupy a social place of privilege used to receive any distinction such as the title by the King.
Some common and classic titles are: Duke, count, baron, Marquess, count, hidalgo, among others.
Sports title
Also, in the world of sport, the term title holds a special significance, since that way refers to distinctions or honors that will get an athlete or failing a team, in the case of collective sports like football basketball, among others, in those Championships, competitions or contests in which arise.
For example, in tennis, a Grand Slam title is the ultimate what can suck a tennis player. In football terms a first division of a League football team can get the title of its category after finishing champion in the Championship.
Also in football, the world title, is one of the most important Championships that exist in this sport. Always obtain a degree will distinguish the team in question and of course place it in a position of privilege with respect to their peers. A team that has won several titles in its history will be valued in a manner more and special those who do not have them.
Educational title
While in an academic context, the title will be the document certifying the obtaining by a student of an academic degree and which shall be issued once it is completed in time and form studies, tests and relevant evidence, which, by the way, will enable knowledge and legally to deploy the profession studied. For example, the title of psychologist is obtained after having taken and passed all the subjects corresponding to the career of psychology.
The concept is also used in the educational context to designate the title which is achieved after completing satisfactorily the primary school and secondary school.
Other uses of the word
On the other hand, laws, documents, regulations and other legal texts generally, for better organization and also to indicate each of the main parts comprising them tend to be divided and then to each party will distinguish it is with titles to differentiate and specify its contents. Then, for example, if in a consortium, a person wants to make a change or modification that is not allowed, you will be asked, for that report, which read such title the regulation of co-ownership which contained the ban.
In another order of things, the legal demonstration of a right or obligation, of a property for example, it is known with the term's title. It shows who sold the property to whom, are both data and the physical characteristics of the property in question.
And finally, at the behest of the finance, the term holds a special participation, since with the word it refers to those partial rights that a person has on a certain society or those documents which may represent a debt public or failing a commercial value.
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