What is the Meaning & Definition of tomato

Edible fruit of Hyper extended worldwide consumption

It is called the tomato to the edible fruit of Solanum Lycopersicum, popularly known as tomato plant. It is native to America and now grown worldwide for its consumption, which can be done in cool mode, sauces, juices, etc. It has a range of very vibrant colors ranging from red to yellow. For optimum cultivation, need a series of environmental conditions: the most suitable temperature for its development should be lukewarm to warm, moisture should be elevated and there must be a high level of luminosity.

Main components and origin

The tomato is characterized by very low caloric load. Indeed, per 100 grams, only tomato brings 18 calories to the body. Among the contributions of minerals can be referred to potassium and magnesium, while regarding vitamins can indicate vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5 and vitamin C.
Records that have the crop in pre-Columbian times US back to the East coast of South America, more specifically, to the region of the Andes, where there are archaeological evidence and checking the proliferation of many wild species of tomatoes. In fact, these observations we refer to periods prior to the emergence of the Inca Empire. Subsequently, the tomato was transferred to Central America, where the Mayans ate it together with other peoples who inhabited the region. Once there was the discovery of America, the Spaniards began to distribute the tomato in its colonies in the Caribbean, then back into Europe, growing easily in Mediterranean climates.

Varieties: The Cherry, in the center of the scene today

There is a wide variety of tomatoes on the market, this vegetable offers variants for all palates. For example, the cherry tomato is one of the most popular and required by these times. Extremely small as size that holds a cherry, if compared with other variants such as gold, the adept or the giant tomato, the cherry stands out for its intense red color, for a crunchy texture and a sweet flavor that makes it attractive to incorporate in salads or as an accompaniment to other dishes. There are even many people that don't season it because their natural taste is extremely tasty.
But there is another issue that has added to the extension of its use is that it is a smaller variant you can be grown easily at home in a pot.

Main component of sauces that we use for pizza and pasta

Currently, the use of this fruit is long extended. Despite its limited nutritional contribution, its use for consumption boosted mainly by form the basis for the preparation of sauces that seasoned variety of dishes, from the most popular and more consumed in the world whole can not ignore the pizza and pasta just accompanied with tomato sauce.
Tomato, undoubtedly is one of the most important components of the pizza. Salsa red or tomato sauce covering baked pizza dough is a paste prepared precisely from the pulp of fresh tomatoes, which in addition is added you, depending on the type of sauce and the usual cuisine of the country in which develop, other ingredients for season, i.e., to give you a more powerful and tasty taste such is the case of coriander, salt, onion, oil, garlic, chili pepper, basil, among the most common.
Worldwide consumption for pizza tomato sauce and sauces that will accompany our pasta today is so widespread is the marketed packaged in various options in supermarkets and stores.
Or for which those who do not have time to prepare it with their own hands, or are not as skilled in the kitchen, this alternative purchase has been held by the same consumers.
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