What is the Meaning & Definition of tomography

At the behest of the medicine, the scan is one of the most important techniques of medical diagnostics and which consists in the registration and processing of our body by sections or planes. To carry out this objective is made use of a device that is known as scanner, insofar as possible, to the image that results from it he designated it as tomogram.
Computed tomography, as it is called in the medical environment, provides diagnosis thanks to a specialized x-ray machine to precisely create cross-sectional images of the human body subjected to study.
When it is necessary to explore in depth and thoroughly a part of a patient's body to have a certainty about a medical condition or disease is made use of this efficient technique, the most recurring include: cancers, blood clots, broken bones, internal bleeding and signs of heart disease, among others.
Given the accuracy which this procedure is marked by a rigid protocol that must be met to letter and which is which will ensure the success of the practice. The patient in question has a table and must remain stationary during the development of the same. By the above table will pass slowly the rays team x. depending on the type of scan that concerned can ask the patient who ingest a contrast fluid to thus see more precisely the part of the body subject to study.
Worth mentioning that it is a type of painless practice so who is subject to it must not be afraid to do it because you will not feel any pain.
The main issue that differentiates a conventional x-ray computed tomography is that multiple images are obtained thanks to the x-rays and radiation detectors perform movements of rotation around the body, while the other practice only offers us a projection image.
Note that although medicine who mostly makes use of this technique, there are also other disciplines who use it recursively as: Archaeology, geophysics, biology, science of materials and Oceanography.

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