What is the Meaning & Definition of tone

The tone Word can have several applications since its meaning is wide enough to be used in different way. The notion of tone always implies the presence of a scale, either of sounds, colors, etc., in which tone is one of the links or parts that make up the whole. Thus, a colour scale can have several ringtones that will be characterized by elements or particular and distinguishable traits from one another. Needless to say that since nature is no orderly systematic way, the notion of tone or scale is an invention of human beings to classify and organize the information that we receive from the media.
One of the most common ways in which the word tone is used is one that has to do with colors. This is related to the idea of chromatic scale in which there are colors (red, blue and yellow) primary and secondary colors (violet, Orange and green) that are solid. Between each of these colors solid found at least one tone that is a combination of both colors and linking them in a more progressive manner. A greater presence of tones we find between one color and the other (for example, between red and yellow), we talk of greater or lesser presence of light since she is, in short, which gives rise to different keys. Thus, a red with more light that another will come close to orange and then this will be close to yellow.
Another form used the term tone is one that has to do with sounds. The tone of voice or some sound volume is variable and can also be classified into more or less specific scales ranging from very low and silent sounds to sound high and very stun. The intermediate tones among the lowest, acceptable volume and the top are numerous and allow our ear to adapt to different types of sounds.

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