What is the Meaning & Definition of topic

The topical Word is used to refer to a topic, to make reference to an idea or a form of stereotyping that is usually applied in certain situations or moments. A topic can be understood as an issue of which talk about or investigate, is the object of discussion, for example when it is said that insecurity is the topic of the day. The idea of topic is related more than anything with the communication as well as literature or art a literary topic may be a literary topic on which to write.
In Linguistics, the topic is the topic about which is spoken or the subject referred to which, understood subject not as a person, if not as a matter, affair. For this branch of the communication, the topic is the center of a discussion, a conversation or discussion comments are those discursive forms which are assembled in lathe of the subject or topic proposed. Normally, the topic may be invited to mention different ideological stances since it is something upon which to speak and about what each individual can have or not a formed opinion.
In other words, the topic or subject of a discussion is about what focuses the discursive action regardless of the circumstantial comments that can be made in every situation. When debates and exhibitions are organized usually specify a topic that will be the topic on which to discuss or talk about and which must address all the comments that are made.
At the same time, the notion of topic applies to grammar, the topic being the center of prayer without which it would not be understand. An example of this is in a sentence with subject and preached as the House is red, the same topic can be just the House.

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