What is the Meaning & Definition of torrent

The word torrent is a term used in geography that refers to that course of water that comes from a mountain. The notion of torrent always assumes that watercourse has a runway fast precisely because the rivers and streams that are formed from the melting of mountain to the valleys and even the sea with a force and higher speed than other water courses. In other respects, the term stream can also refer to the bloodstream or other liquids found in permanenten movement and which have some speed and force.
The notion of stream related to hydrography since we are talking about a water course that takes place in the environment. These courses of water or streams tend to be generated from meltwater that forms with the melting of the snow of the mountains and is so, from the highest place to its connection with a lake or sea, the torrent gains great strength. This is due to the force of gravity as well as to the constant flow of water that prevents that the stream loses force or movement.
The torrents, as you might suppose, cause a strong erosion on those surfaces which are due to his strength and his speed. Thus, it is normal to find streams or rivers generated by melting to leave large, deep furrows in the valleys by crossing them. Even many of them reach also erode the mountain, changing its surface.
There are three parts that a stream can be divided: the place of accumulation of water, when it is still not moving, drain trough where water is acquiring more and more speed and cone of outfall fans, there where terminates your way and where are all the sediment water brought with it.
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