What is the Meaning & Definition of touch

Touch is one of the five sensory senses that humans and the one that allows us to detect, collect, distinguishing the qualities that hold objects and the environment, such as temperature, pressure, roughness, softness, roughness, among others we have.
The sense of touch is preeminently in our skin which is where you will find the majority of nerve receptors that transform the stimuli that come from the outside world and that once they are converted into information, the brain is ready to interpret them as cold, heat, humidity, dry, wet and which tend to present some surfaces and features previously mentioned such as roughness , softness, hardness.
Main nerve receptors of touch having responsible function which we described above are called touch or Meissner corpuscles and corpuscles or Merkel discs, which are nothing more than small nerve cells specialize in this task and within the different layers of our skin.
The cospusculos of Meissner boast a very tiny size, between 50 and 100 microns and are located in strategic areas such as lips, nipples, the pads of the fingers, the Palm of the hand and in other areas where there are no hairs. These are those that allow us to recognize the touched area and identify the different textures of the objects we touch.
And on the side of the Merkel corpuscles, dealing with the reception to the pressure, concentrate mainly in the area of the palms of hands and soles of the feet.
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