What is the Meaning & Definition of tournament

It means tournament to that event which involves a competition between different parties (individual or group). In a tournament, the participants compete for a price based on the development of different types of activities: sports, intellectual, cultural, religious, entertainment, etc. In general, the tournament takes place in several stages and supposed to advance through various stages in which competitors are phased.
Throughout history, the human being has resorted to various ways of entertainment and fun and the tournament has always been one of the most popular options. Already in the ancient Greece, ancient Rome and during the Middle Ages existed such events as a way of bringing together communities, competing for different objectives and demonstrate individual or group strength of participants. Depending on the historical moment and the context, the rules of the tournaments could vary, becoming very brutal in some cases and refined in other tournaments to exist.
There are different types of tournaments that can be rated around the way in which activities are organized. While some tournaments are solved in few encounters (or perhaps one), others are qualifying with numerous participants. Individual or group tournaments can also be found in which the activities to develop will vary in complexity, duration, effort and interest.
Usually, among the most popular and most famous tournaments we found sporting tournaments since these disciplines tend to have global broadcasting, as also because participants tend to represent the country from which they come. Among the more popular sports tournaments, we must mention the soccer World Cup, Olympic Games, various cups and tennis tournaments, basketball or volleyball championships, swimming tournaments and many others. At the same time, the chess tournaments, of entertainment, from tests of physical strength, music and culture are also important.
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