What is the Meaning & Definition of traffic

The term traffic can have different meanings depending on what question. It normally has this word negative connotations since it is used to designate any type of trade of substances, products or items illegally, i.e. out of the commercial or legal parameters of the regions in question. Traffic as concept can also refer to the transit of vehicles in urban areas, where it is always abundant and, in some cases, it seems up to endless.
If we talk about traffic as a phenomenon that distribute and sell products or items illegally, we can say that this activity is found in all parts of the world, varying not in its technique or methodology but rather the object of marketing, in the distribution target or on the level of complexity of organizations that carry out. Thus understood, the traffic can be both illegal products (like drugs or narcotics) as well as of legal elements which have been stolen or obtained illicitly (such as e.g. human organs, riches) and even of animals (when talking of traffic in endangered animals).
On the other hand, the word traffic also refers to the abundant traffic, namely, the one that takes place in urban areas and which can create many complications since it implies delays, accidents and lack of control. Throughout the day, the traffic can go changing its flow and its intensity, peak to be those in which travels the greatest number of people and becomes even more difficult to move from one side to another.
As you can see, in both cases the notion of traffic has negative connotations since it relates to movements or inappropriate movements of certain elements or objects into other spaces.
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