What is the Meaning & Definition of Trailer

The word trailer presents a recurring use in the world of cinema, being one of the contexts in which more is used and although it is a term in English, whose translation to the Spanish would be advance, is so but so ingrained that practically the feed it was relegated to the background, adopting it in the Spanish language as one word more.
Then, in the movie, a trailer is a small excerpt from the images of a movie that will be premiering soon.
They have an average duration of a minute and a half and two minutes, usually accompanied with music or with its original sound and in some cases images are interspersed with plaques informing about the director, who is its most important works, for example, Clint Eastwood, winner of an Oscar for Million Dollar Baby direction; the same goes for actors, presented plaques with the names of the main actors and the most relevant awards that boast.
Also, if the film was awarded at a major festival, among the images in the film plates indicating the awards he has received the tape interspersed. Even though initially the only possibility that had to see these trailers was going to the cinema to watch a movie, before the start of the same and mixed with advertising disseminated by them is, today, it is possible to see the trailers in different media, teve, in segments of shows or specialized programs in film and not to mention Internet , is currently innumerable amount of pages that allow you to watch trailers of upcoming movies, some even up to exceed this average duration that we mentioned at the beginning.
And the other uses recurrent Word is to designate that vehicle load non-motorized as minimum consists of a chassis, wheels, surface charge and own brakes. The particularity that presents is that it does not move on its own but that needs to be drawn and directed by another vehicle. As a result that they impede vision, both the patent and the lights of the vehicle that carries it, trailers, although they do not have own mobility should be on your back a copy of the patent and a set of lights that are activated by an electrical connection.
Used to transport different types of loads, from bikes, tents, animals, food and other substances.
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