What is the Meaning & Definition of transient

Transient means that individual who walks or travels through a given place. Transient runs and lives in the public space of the city which will be pulled and also, somehow transform it with their occupation.
Meanwhile, the public space which this individual runs is formed by streets, alleys, avenues, squares, among others. Therefore, being the places for which the non-resident divagará is that they must submit a proper structure and condition to guarantee the security and integrity of the transient.
Walking is an activity that doctors usually suggest for those who want to improve your fitness level, walking is good for the circulation, for those who have heart problems, among other conditions, then, attending to this issue, it is vital that governments address not only ensure security sidewalks, fixing those journeys that are raised or who had left and that certainly constitute a risk to the life of any person , but to also promote the activity of walking, developing areas devoted exclusively to the transit of passers-by where there are no hazards such as heavy traffic circulation.
Another additional advantage obtained from foster walks is that this way is alivianaría the traffic, especially in big cities and also the saturation which sometimes suffers from public transport.
On the other hand, the non-resident term is used to refer to any individual who is incidentally or residing temporarily in a place.

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