What is the Meaning & Definition of transmute

The word transmute refers to modify or to convert to something or someone in another action. Although it is a term that we can then use when it is necessary to realize a conversion or change something, it is noted, that it is not a word in popular use, whereupon it is more frequent that we are using their most common synonyms such as: change, transform and convert.
On the case of transform, also as with transmute, that will take place is the change of one thing, a person, inter alia, that his other, indeed so there will be a change in conditions as the shape, size and even in the essence.
When something, a situation, an event, or a person, become something totally different will be able to mention that they have been converted.
Usually, when something turns into something else you will have to do especially with the typical and expected evolution for the species in question.
In the specific case of chemistry and physics, transmute action turns out to be rather frequent find and which just involves the transformation of a chemical element given, in another, as a result of the undergoing a specific process. In the transformations of chemical changes occur in substances and new substances, which we popularly call the products will be produced as well.
The New Zealand chemist Ernest Rutherford was the first scientist to get the mentioned action when it used alpha particles to deliver directly to a nitrogen atom.
Now, noteworthy is that this phenomenon in addition to in science, it is possible to develop naturally in nature itself when some chemical elements present nuclei that are characterized by their instability.
Then, the science, as we have seen and also medicine, give humans the ability to transmute. You can get it the individual who wants to modify some of its appearance, today, undergoing a facelift. It is also possible to achieve a transformation without an operation, for example changing the color of hair, hair cut, fashion dress, move, among others.
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