What is the Meaning & Definition of Trauma

We understand that injury trauma or injury, injury caused on the body or on the psyche of a person, causing alterations in the normal operation of such elements. Trauma may certainly vary in terms of severity, although in the majority of cases the notion of trauma is linked to a wound or injury that leaves some kind of sequel, whether physical, moral, emotional, or mental.
Normally, differs in the area of medicine between the physical trauma and psychological trauma. Although both types are generated by an alteration in the normal course of the physical or mental health of an individual, causes, situations or elements responsible for such alteration, as well as the consequences may vary greatly.
When we talk about physical trauma, we refer to a type of injury or wound that directly affects the organism to somatic level. Physical trauma can be caused by needlestick injuries, i.e., by external elements which do not penetrate the body as by external elements who do both hits. Physical trauma is almost always required some type of medical care that may involve greater or lesser urgency, more or less complexity and greater or lesser duration. This type of trauma can be generated by both accidents and intentional assaults. In cases in which the wounds are serious, you can reach necessary the intervention of the police force to investigate what caused such a situation.
On the other hand, generated psychologically trauma may also involve a very deep gravity. In general, psychological trauma is produced from the experience of a painful, distressing and critical experience as it may be to witness the death of a loved one (in many cases, an unknown person), suffer some kind of abuse, a situation close to death, etc. Psychological trauma can be much more difficult to cure than the trauma physical since while there are procedures of therapy to treat them, they may not always be as effective. In addition, psychological trauma can completely change the personality of an individual and transform his life into a totally different experience.
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