What is the Meaning & Definition of travel

Travel is the Act of scroll of a geographical space to another through the use of different elements that act as means of transport. A trip can be done individually or in a group, so how can also have different objectives, different duration and different style depending on each case. But is related to the activity of long distance travel, is also considered traveler to that individual who moves every day to go home to work, or any type of movement that involves moving from one place to another (as long as this is performed by means of transportation).
The Act of taking a journey always has specific objectives which, as stated before, can vary in each case. Normally, the most common reasons for travel are the tourist reasons. These involve an individual or group of individuals to resort to means of transport to move from their region of stay common to different places in order to get to know them, visit them or simply change of scenery to relax or learn new experiences.
Also travel can be an act related to work activities and in this case the journey is often less enjoyable since it implies certain responsibilities, more tight schedules, commitments and various tasks related to labour or professional level. In this group can also be trips that are made every day to move from the House to the place of work, by shorter than these.
Means of transport are basically that allow individuals to carry out different types of travel. More Needless to say that the use of certain types of transportation will vary with the situation, usually by using a plane for longer distances and to trains, buses, taxis and cars for medium distances to short not involving intercontinental movement.
The Act of travelling always implies, irrespective of the reasons by which they travel, some preparation. Although some trips are more relaxed than others, the traveler should always know what will be their fate, the documents you will need in this place, the baggage that must be, the time of stay and the approximate budget which will move.

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