What is the Meaning & Definition of treason

The word treason refers to an act which does not respect the loyalty or commitment that exists between two or more parties. Betrayal is a common element of human relationships since the human being establishes complex links with his peers who may be changing over time and be affected by different events. Betrayal, however, and despite to be common, is always seen as a negative since it implies that you lost trust and loyalty existing between two parties in which previously existed those feelings.
The Act of betraying or pursue a treason just assumes that break feelings such as respect, commitment, loyalty, fidelity that can exist between two parties. When we talk about parts we can make reference to people as to entities or institutions that are engaged in this Act of treason. Normally, betrayal means any harm for the person who is suffering, whether it be emotional as well as physical, economic, labor, intellectual level level. That is to say that a betrayal can be varied and diverse depending on each case; the only common element is that it will always contribute to generate some injury or pain on the person that is exercised.
Treason can occur on a voluntary basis, i.e., looking for the person who is to carry it out cause that damage on the other side, but can also be involuntary and likewise generate pain and damage in those who suffer from it. Many times, the workplace can transform in a highly competitive field in which situations like these are often cracking then friends or friendly relationships. It may also occur in the area of relationships already than any type of deceit or infidelity is a betrayal of the idea of commitment and loyalty that two people may have each other.
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