What is the Meaning & Definition of Treasury

At the behest of a company, an organization or an institution, the Treasury is that area in which are managed and concretise all actions related to monetary-type operations.
I.e., the Treasury is carry out payments to providers, payments for activities which lends the enterprise in question, the Bank managements and all that has to do with the movements of a company's cash. Meanwhile, each of the actions that are developing and running in the Treasury are carefully followed and settled by the accounting area.
Although it is common that many confuse the chores of the Treasury with for example human resources and accounting area, worth mentioning an example: human resources sector calculates how much there is to pay this or that employee, once the amount is defined, the Treasury area should verify that the money is available in question to make the payment and finally the area of accounting, will deal with seat movement carefully in your records.
In larger enterprises, cash, generally tends to occupy gather all the money that produce their branches for then that money reinvestment in the market, or in their absence, in other financial activities.
Meanwhile, will be Treasurer the individual who manage and direct all the actions that have to do with the movement of money that generates the company and is precisely the Treasury Office or area in which to perform such activity.
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