What is the Meaning & Definition of treatment

The word treatment supports several references in our language.
In its more general use, I try to, it refers to the action and its consequent effect of try, insofar as possible, by treating refers to the correct or incorrect care given to something or someone and also how to interact with other people and managing a business. I have no more treatment with my cousin after what I did. Bad treatment that you are giving to the table it will finally break.
Also, the word called a Convention, Covenant, or agreement held between two or more people. It is a written document, but also some deals are sealed more informally and with the validity of the word given by the people involved, in which, these same, are obligated through it to regulate their relations in relation to a particular issue, object, well, among others. This link generates a series of rights and obligations for each of the parties involved must be observed Yes or Yes, because otherwise it would have damaged the relationship established and committed to the same.
Before the proven breach of a treatment it will be possible for the party affected by the breach to sue the other to be awarded either to intimate to the effective compliance with the treatment held timely.
On the other hand, the word treatment is used with the Mission of express treatment of courtesy that someone deserves, either by the charge that plays, social position which occupies, or because it's one grown-up to which respect should be treated with special consideration. So when one is found before a judge the right thing will be speaking to him as honourable, or if you are chatting with someone older, customs indicate that we must talk to you about you, showing you that Mel respect who feels his age and experience.
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