What is the Meaning & Definition of Trekking

Trekking is a sports and recreational activity that consists of long walks along mountain routes. It's a sports oriented contact with nature and which is carried out in a non-competitive spirit.
The term trekking is normally translated to the Spanish as hiking. Although in practice both concepts are equivalent, there is a small difference, because hiking is hiking, which refers to a moderate level of difficulty mountain routes, while trekking in the physical level of demand is higher and the natural environment presents more difficulties. In any case, hiking and trekking are very similar and share the same idea: walking down the mountain to exercise in a natural setting.

The spirit of the trekking

The combination of sport and nature makes that this activity is attractive. At the same time, must be borne in mind that the Trek includes other complementary elements (pictures, learn about the fauna and flora or learn cultural aspects associated with each route).
A feature of the trekking is its adaptability to the personal physical conditions. On the other hand, it is also possible to adapt it to the circumstances of each, since mountain routes can be made alone, as a couple, with family or friends. The trekking is a very open activity, where a observed birds, others photographs and some give more importance to the communication. Thus, on the basis of a simple idea (walking through mountain) is feasible to meet different concerns.

Security and material

The trekking is not a sport of risk, but this does not mean that security, should be neglected mountain has certain associated dangers and it is convenient to adopt measures to minimize adverse situations. The first step is to learn about the weather situation prior to the start of the route. You must know the route in advance and it is advisable to carry a GPS or a map not to be missed. Food and drink are equally necessary. Trekking specialists advise to take a mobile phone to meet a possible emergency. A first aid kit and basic knowledge of health care are also very desirable.
With respect to the footwear it is essential that it is suitable (dedicated to sport establishments sell specific footwear for trekking). The clothing should be that appropriate for each season of the year (the raincoat and the outerwear should be available in the backpack).
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