What is the Meaning & Definition of tremor

Tremor to that body or one of its parts, involuntary movement is called such as hands, legs, torso, as a result of the feeling of cold, nervousness or fear that it produced something. Mario tremor may be Parkinson's. My body shook when it comes to the cold of Tierra del Fuego. The new film by Freddy Krueguer provoked us body tremor.
In addition, such movement that occurs in anything else is called tremor. The trembling of leaves is typical of the autumn season.
On the other hand, the trembling of the Earth, also called earthquake and earthquake, turns out to be a shaking of the ground caused by the collision of tectonic plates and the release of energy in the process of what would become a violent reorganization of materials of the Earth's crust in search of balance.
The most recurrent is the trembling of the Earth occur as a result of this release of energy, although there are also other causes such as: volcanic processes, movements of slope or collapse of cavities.
That point inside of the planet which has place the earthquake is known as seismic focus or hypocenter, meanwhile, the point on the surface which is in the vertical of the hypocenter (located perpendicular to it) is known by the term epicenter; many times we have heard say that the epicentre of the earthquake was this or that to give an account of the place in which broke out with an increased intensity of seismic waves.
Earthquakes propagate through elastic waves from the hypocenter. Meanwhile, there are three main types of seismic waves: primary waves or longitudinal waves (propagate in the same sense that the vibration of the particles), the secondary waves or transverse waves (spread of perpendicular to the direction of vibration of the particles) and surface waves (occur in the Earth's surface as a result of the interaction between the waves primary and secondary schools).
The Richter seismic scale is a logarithmic scale which assigns a number to each earthquake in order to quantify its severity and impact.
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