What is the Meaning & Definition of Tribal

Tribal is the term that we use in our language to account for what is proper or is linked to a tribe.
Meanwhile, the tribe is a concept of extended usage in our language and that we employ to refer several questions.
The Association of originating, ancient peoples, tribe it is called but we also employ the same term to refer to that social group seated in a given territory and is characterized by its homogeneity and autonomy.
In antiquity, when different families are cuando distintas familias se unian together resulted in the formation of a tribe, i.e., they lived together in the same geographical location and they were led by a same head, which was usually the oldest man of the families and was due to which respect and obedience in order to her age, which, by the way, was a sign of wisdom. They also agreed on the observance of the same rules, customs and professed the same religious beliefs.
Note, that the word tribe currently holds a presence at the social scene given the same, associated with urban Word, urban tribe, used to refer to that group mostly comprised of young people, teenagers, who reside in cities, sharing musical interests, dress, speak and comb in the same way and give rise to a social group that is easily recognizable by these features that highlight them from the rest , or of the culture that dominates in the society in question. Among the most notable examples are the dark, floggers, emo, among others.
And at the behest of biology, the word tribe appoints each taxonomic group in which a family of living beings is divided and at the same time, the same will be subdivide you in another organization, which is that of gender.
On the other hand, in the context of tattoos, tribal Word is a term that referred to a specific type of tattoo whose design consists of symbols and not in figures. The tribal is one of the most widespread tattoos types among the people who decide achieved these drawings on the skin.
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