What is the Meaning & Definition of tribe

The tribe is a term often used in our language and note that it may cover various issues.
The most widespread use is certainly one who expresses that it is a social group seated in an own territory, composed of individuals who have similar characteristics, they share habits, rites, and traditions among themselves and who have political autonomy.
Also, the word tribe held a role since ancient times, since for example in different cities, belonging to the ancient Greece and later in ancient Rome also was called that way to the population of a territory. Even further back in time, in the Neolithic stage, the tribe was an extremely common social organization.
It was usually of groupings of different families that joined to live in the same physical place and clear on the Mission of sharing social and political life. The authority was exercised by a Patriarch and leader, which in the majority of cases was taken by an older, experienced individual who had the respect of the majority of the members of the tribe. As in any organization, in the tribe, hierarchies can be seen and in the case of those who disagree with the behavior that is expected of them they will be correspondingly punished by the authority.
Social interaction and the transmission of values, customs and habits over time is what determines the continuity of the tribe as such.
Today, the term tribe has regained a special presence as a result of the development of the concept of urban tribe, from which it is called to that group, normally composed of young people, teenagers who live in big cities and who share interests, clothing and personalized aesthetic.
And in the field of biology we also find a reference to the word tribe, since it refers to each one of the classifiers in which many families are divided. It is an intermediate category between the mentioned family and gender.
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