What is the Meaning & Definition of Trojan

A representation of what could be the Trojan horse, inside was hollow and wore the enemy that meant doom for the city after many battles. Today this simile is used for a program that US spy.
The term takes us to the history of Greece where a huge horse was left by the Greeks as a memento of the war that had been disputed. Unfortunately for the Trojans, the horse was hollow and filled with Greek soldiers that night did not hesitate to open the gates of the walled city of Troy and so leave it defenseless against the Greek hosts.
Since a Trojan is known as an infiltrator that pretends to be what it is not, for damage to the one in which it is housed. In computer science a Trojan is a program that says claim one thing, to then gather information on our computers and in this way find out keys to our banking online or our credit card in order to leave us without money. You can also leave the control of our computers in the hands of someone who didn't want and that post on social networks things that we are not interested etc.
Normal to protect yourself is to use a good antivirus and when browse suspicious sites, use a guest account. The PC with Windows guest account, not allowed to install programs but if lets you download music and watch movies online etc. The Trojans tend to come from little popular pages and also through portable usb drives. Most common infiltrations or infections usually produce when you visit pages of erotic content that are not subject to rules regulated because found in countries whose laws do not require them to complete all regulations. A Trojan is difficult to detect since it tends to wait or incubate for a few days (sometimes even months) until it manifests itself.

If our computer is used for banking online and shopping online, it is important to have a good antivirus and run the virus scan at least once a month.
Its expansion is more for the Windows platform. Many believe that using Linux or Mac are more except for that believe that their system is more secure. What happens is that a Trojan program is complicated and specify which operating system is addressed. A Trojan programmed for Windows will not work on mac platform. As most of the computers are Windows platform, you can program for this platform because there is more chance of someone not wanting to lower is the application that hides the Trojan.

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