What is the Meaning & Definition of true

In many aspects and levels of our life we grant a fundamental value to the truth, because the truth means the real, real thing, sincerity, it is not pretended, lied or misrepresented.
When is the truth in every sense and taken as a way of lead in life know that they will be an existence more real and true than if it opts for the opposite: pretend, to lie, to pretend.
Closely linked to the concept of truth is the true, which is a word that we use it in our language when we want to express that something is true or meets all the conditions to be and is on the way to that.
In life we come across countless events, events and stories, which tell us our relatives, friends, family and even strangers, while both, some will frame them drawing as a true story because the conditions that make it are absolutely true or also check with other involved sources its veracity.
However, there will be others who have or intend to facts based on lies and it is sometimes easy to detect them, if the account is someone who has our trust can happen to believe him anyway and falling into a trap.
It is very important to determine when a story or story is true to avoid deception or join the dissemination of lies, that are normally detrimental to someone with our transmission through different elements.
Either because it suffered the deception in first person or failing because it is saying something that is not true There is always someone who suffers when you have a liar story that concerns it.
On the other hand, in the contexts of the TV, film, literature and theatre it is usual that we find the representation or account, as appropriate, of stories describes himself as that of true, precisely because they are based, inspired by real events and are not the product of the genius of a writer.
Usually these stories awaken a particular interest in the public, that is especially moved to know the details of facts which were duly advertised and whose protagonists existed at the reality beyond fiction.
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