What is the Meaning & Definition of turtle

The turtle belongs to the order of reptiles and is a vertebrate with oviparous reproduction whose temperature is regulated by the effect of the environment in your body. It is an eminently peaceful, herbivorous animal, and some species are in danger of extinction.

Land and sea turtles, and the ability of life

The turtles are classified according to their natural habitat and there are land and water. The land is a peaceful animal and has wide acceptance as a pet. Its most characteristic physical feature is its durable shell that serves as a shell and that is connected to the plastron, or underside. Another of its genuine features is its lack of teeth and their longevity (they can live 80 years).

Exemplary Giants

The giant land tortoise is the most striking, because their size is much higher than the common tortoise. Some specimens have reached some notoriety, as it is the case of the "Lonesome George" of the Galapagos Islands (who died in 2012 being the last specimen of its species, chelonoidis abingdonii) or "Pepe the missionary", who died in 2014, although the species is not in danger of extinction.
Aquatic Turtle reaching a metre and a half long into adulthood. Most species live in shallow water and stand out due to its high speed (higher than the 30 km/h). In contrast to the terrestrial tortoise, which lives in the aquatic environment cannot hide his head in the shell. Despite the fact that its habitat is the sea, they need to come to the surface to breathe every ten minutes, because his breathing is pulmonary.

The turtle culture

Like other animals, the turtle is present in different cultural events. Among the well-known Fables of animals the Hare and the tortoise, a lesson in perseverance and tenacity.
Its curious Shell makes it a cute animal for children and in recent years a few fictional characters, have become famous Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.
In the dining area, in some cultures the recipe for turtle soup, a delicacy of Asian origin that has become an international dish is very popular.
Finally, must remember that this animal is very present in some mythological accounts of antiquity (notably the legend of the death of the playwright Aeschylus, an Oracle predicted that he would die being crushed by a House, and the prophecy was fulfilled, as it was hit by the shell of a tortoise which fell out of the sky).
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