What is the Meaning & Definition of types

The most popular use of the word types is to refer to a model or exemplary, although it can also refer to the characteristic example of a species or genus; the kind or nature presenting things and also to the representative of something figurative symbol.
At the behest of biology a type species is one that is used to determine a taxonomic group of higher rank, as a genus or family, then, this family type is which allows to carry out an accurate description and characterization of the group in question, which will consist of generic characters that will allow them to be distinguished from those that belong to a different species.
On the other hand, in the field of printing font is the set of letters designed with a same unity of style. This is accomplished because the letters of the same type are composed by a coordinated set of glyphs.
Although it is frequent that font is used as a synonym for the term sources, the reality tells us that this is not correct, because a source appoints a member of a family of type-specific, while when we talk about font we are referring to the appearance of a group of related sources.
It is also recurrent in the language stream and informal that people use the term type to refer to a man or individual with a derogatory sense. It was a type that attacked her.
And the interest rate turns out to be a type of index that is regularly used to calculate the profitability of savings or cost of a credit. This percentage obtained allows to determine that amount of money can be obtained or would be paid at a precise period of time, depending on the sum invested or requested.
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