What is the Meaning & Definition of ubiquity

Ubiquitous means everywhere, so that Ubiquity is the ability to be simultaneously at all sites. Obviously, this ability is only applicable to the idea of God and is equivalent to what some theologians have called the divine omnipresence.
In a figurative sense, sometimes it is the ubiquity of some people, implying that they are capable of doing many things at the same time, as if they were in several places at the same time.

The divine attributes

The concept or the figure of God has been analysed by theologians and philosophers to along the history. To understand its meaning refers to his attributes, i.e. the characteristics of his nature. Thus, if God can do it is omnipotent. This necessarily implies that can equally be everywhere, because it is not subject to the coordinates of time and space of other beings. The quality of the omniscencia is that God knows all of reality, even that which still has not happened. Obviously, these attributes are discussed by some thinkers, who consider that the ubiquity, omnipotence, or the omniscencia are just concepts created by man from his mental schemas.
Above attributes depend, in turn, another quality, perfection of God (if God is perfect, can be everywhere, because if not you could it would be perfect, which would be a contradiction).
The acceptance of ubiquity as attribute of God depends on the religious idea of each individual. For the believer who believes that God is the creator of the universe, Ubiquity is a logical consequence of their intrinsic nature.

The ubiquity and new technologies

New technologies have been consolidated in recent decades and have led to social changes in all spheres of life. For this reason, some speak of the ubiquitous information. Think of a traditional business: an establishment dedicated to fashion. From a conventional approach, this establishment is located in a particular place, but the technological revolution allows that same business to have the "gift of ubiquity", since it is possible to access your website and buy a product from anywhere in the world using different devices that have internet access.
The ubiquity of technology goes far beyond business. In fact, this attribute of the current technology affect communication or learning in all its forms.
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