What is the Meaning & Definition of Uchronia

Uchronia isn't at all a concept of common use in our language, can even be that many will be the first time they read it... But the uchronia not thus pass unnoticed in the literary world, where it occupies a prominent place as a literary genre precisely characterized by reconstructing the history of alternative, i.e., proposed as real in the stories he writes, those historical events which could have happened if they had not been won by others. I.e. it has facts that not happened but that had a high probability of having happened.
What would have been his life if he had not taken that decision...?
Because many times we have asked us in relation to facts of our own life and also public life what would have happened if this made had not occurred and nothing would have happened...
A politician who did not die suddenly and could continue ruling their country; an athlete who came second and won the race; John Lennon was not murdered metres from his house; a military conflict in which the vanquished really win and so many events more.
Clearly, the sense of the lives and the things involved in these stories had been diferenten with that alternative outcome.
True facts as starting point
Noteworthy is that uchronia, reconstructs the story of novels, stories, facts true and logical way that are fully acceptable for the reader.
Then, the uchronia is always based on something that really happened, but it develops in a way completely different from the outcome that was in reality and alternative. It proposes to the reader know what would have happened if indeed that fact would have had a completely different ending to that did.
Literature and media such as cinema have focused on several occasions produce timelines on important events in the history of any nation that ended in different way to reality.
Overlap with science fiction
Many linked the genre of science fiction with the uchronia, with whom he shares many features, but of course, here the main difference is that the uchronia part of real changes to that end while science fiction poses usually fantastic scenarios.
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