What is the Meaning & Definition of UFC

The acronym cfu correspond with Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is a promoter of a fighting sport based on the mixture of several martial arts and traditional boxing. The acronym cfu are also used to refer to the sport itself, a fight between two fighters, also known as warriors, who face each other in a ring surrounded by a cage and octagon-shaped.

The origin of this form of struggle

Its origin must be position in 1993 in the State of Colorado. A group of people related to the world of television is ' they would ask what type of fight is the most spectacular to televise and at the same time what kind of fighter is more effective (a boxer, a karateka, a judoka or other). Organized sports events in which two fighters fought with this initial approach (for example, a karateka against a boxer). In this way, the initial idea evolved until they began to make fighting without unified rules, since the original concept was based on the rule at all is worth. On the other hand, initially there was no judges or boundary of time in clashes between warriors. Not having rules became a brutal and bloody sport in which there are no limits. The winner of the fight was leaving the cage victorious and the vanquished remained in her defeated.
In 2000 the State of New Jersey authorized this sport but imposing the condition that certain rules are used. Thus was born the first regulated event of mixed martial arts in the United States. Later, promoters of Nevada and New Jersey created a definitive and unified rules. In this way, the UFC quickly spread across the country and today is a sport with international fame.

Main rules and features of the UFC

To guarantee the physical integrity of the Warriors was a regulation supervised by a sport organisation. In this sense there are fighters weighing control, because they are divided into categories similar to other combat sports.
On the other hand, the fighters must pass a general medical examination. In addition, a day before the fight, a physician oversees the physical state of the warriors. Also be controlled, as in other sports, possible doping. On the other hand, if a fighter is defeated you can not return to fight before 90 days.
Surprisingly, the combat is done with the intervention of a qualified referee, who should stop combat when it is considered that a fighter is in a situation of danger to their physical integrity.
It is a sport of great physical strength, thought of as entertainment channels and cheering live viewers constantly to the warriors.
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