What is the Meaning & Definition of UFO

The acronym UFO correspond to Unidentified Flying Object, which translates as flying object not identified, better known by its acronym UFO. The concept is UFO related to one of the mysteries of the universe and that could synthesize with a question: are we the only intelligent beings that inhabit the universe?

The phenomenon UFO

It is almost inevitable to wonder whether humans are the only species in the vastness of the universe. This question has several implications. If there are other things we do not know what claim to or what are in fact. If they don't exist, all theories and alleged visions of flying objects are large lies or fantasies. Regardless of the arguments for or against the aliens and flying objects, it is indisputable that there is a knowledge that attempts to explain the phenomenon UFO, ufology.

Some considerations on ufology

It is practically inarguable that there are strange to our phenomena around and that conventional science does not have a definitive explanation about them. We are talking about sightings of ships with a non-human technology, atypical atmospheric phenomena and all kinds of references that suggest the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
Interest in UFOs began after the World War ll. In this period there were two circumstances: Aeronautics made a spectacular leap and, on the other hand, stories about the presence of aliens and space ships on our planet (one of the best-known is that took place in the town of Roswell, who finally showed that it was a montage) appeared.
Ufology as knowledge is not comparable to other sciences. In fact, there are scientists who consider it a pseudoscience based on elements incompatible with the parameters of the science.
While the conventional scientific community denies the validity of ufology, it is not reasonable to deny absolutely its possible truth. It must not forget a reality: that science has evolved throughout history and what at the time was denied by the majority then showed that it was true.
There are many examples in this sense, but perhaps the best known is related to the location of the Earth in the universe (until the XVl is believed in the exclusivists and from Copernicus and Galileo began an opposite view, heliocentrism). Something similar could happen with the phenomenon UFO, i.e. that modern science denies it, but in the future we will be able to provide conclusive evidence about whether there are or not UFO and, therefore, life beyond our planet.
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