What is the Meaning & Definition of Ukraine

Known as one of the largest countries in Europe, Ukraine is located in the East of the continent, sharing its borders with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea and the Azov to the South. Ukraine is a territory of over six hundred thousand square kilometers while its population is greater than the forty-six million inhabitants. The capital and largest city in this country is the city of Kiev, which is located north of the Ukrainian territory. While the majority of the population is Ukrainian, 15 percent of Russian inhabitants is located in this country about.
The history of Ukraine has been always related to the Russian civilization and culture. It is believed that the first human settlement in the area dates from the 4500 year before Christ. During ancient times, several Greek, Roman and Byzantine colonies were founded in the area later becoming this area in one of the first to be struck by the Huns during the barbarian invasions. During the early modern period the current territory of Ukraine was organized in a complexity of politico-economic spaces such as khanates, Empires, etc.
Today, Ukraine is organized under the Republican form in which governs a President (representative of the Executive power) with the participation of the legislative and judicial branches. The country is divided into 24 administrative regions such as Cherkassy, Donetsk, Kherson, Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Volyn, and many others. Although the geographical boundaries are not exactly those of the complex cultural identities, we can say that each of these regions has an identity more or less defined, visible in elements such as gastronomy, cultural events, music, etc.
Finally, we can add that, due to its large size, Ukraine has extensive plains and fertile plains which, however, are characterized by a cold climate in winter. This climate is tempered to the South coast.

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