What is the Meaning & Definition of ultimate

Depending on the context in which the last word is used, it will refer in each something different...
One uses more general and frequent last term is to refer to what or who has nothing behind in a series. My son is so high at the school already forming it last in the row. I do not think that you call so quickly since they go in order, and you're the last one in the list.
Another common use of the term is given at the request of wanting to talk about what turns out to be the most remote. I can't believe where my ring was finally, in the last corner where it had looked for is in the quarter of Mario.
The last use of the word is also common to refer to something that arises or is believed as definitive. You're not going to go on holiday alone, is my last word and was finished! I will not return with you, this is definitive.
On the other hand, when something does not have possible alternative or constitutes a situation considered as extreme, is frequent the use of the word last to account for this. Ultimately I'll go ask John, first, I prefer to wait to confess what I only. As last resort renounce my post, I'm going to continue fighting.
Meanwhile, the last term is closely related to others such as: definitive, strict, conclusive, current, new, rear, terminal and rear and on the other hand is opposed to the following: first, above.
There are also a lot of phrases that include the latest term: to the last (is in full fashion), last (which is in the last section with regard to a period of time), be in the past (be on the verge of death), finally (later, finally), be something the latest (be something intolerable high).
And in Italy, the ultimate is the name of a town and comune, corresponding to the province of Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige region, which has a population of 2.959.

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