What is the Meaning & Definition of UNASUR

The acronym UNASUR means Union of South American Nations and it is a supranational body comprising 12 countries that make up South America.
UNASUR as a aims to ensure the common interests of the Nations that make it up. In this way, the purpose of this organization is to promote competitiveness, the dialogue and the development of the whole of South America. The genuine idea of UNASUR reminds us of other entities with the same purpose: the European Union or the Commonwealth. It should take into account that if several Nations are found within the same space and have a series of shared links it is logical and positive for all of them there is a joint and coordinated action. In the global world Nations have greater strength and relevance if they manage strategic alliances on different issues (trade, customs, cultural exchange, energy and so on).

Some relevant facts about UNASUR space

This immense area reaches 17 million square kilometers, equivalent to the territory of Russia, the largest country in the world. It consists of about 400 million inhabitants, that 95% share the same religion, Catholicism. UNASUR has four official languages: Dutch is the language of Suriname, the English because it is the language of Guyana, Portuguese for Brazil and the nine remaining countries speaking Spanish as an official language.
As a curiosity it should indicate that the only territory in South America which is not part of UNASUR is French Guiana, which is part of the overseas territories of the European Union to be a region of France. All Nations that make up UNASUR own 27% of the world's fresh water and oil reserves which have not run out in the next few hundred years.
One of the peculiarities of UNASUR is the elements shared by the majority of its members (a similar historical past, very similar traditions as well as religious and cultural links).
From a historical point of view, UNASUR is a young body, as its founding Treaty was signed in 2008, with its headquarters located in the capital of Ecuador, Quito.


UNASUR data indicates that it is an entity with a great potential from the perspective of international geopolitics. However, weaknesses that can curb its development (there is a common currency such as the euro and politically not all Nations that make it up have managed to consolidate a stable democratic system).
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