What is the Meaning & Definition of Unicef

The origin of Unicef: assistance in the reconstruction of Europe after the second world war

UNICEF is the name shortened in English of the body created by the General Assembly of the United Nations, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, in Spanish, the international of emergency of the United Nations Fund for children, created in 1946, on the occasion of the birth of the need to help all children in Europe who were unprotected and the drift of his fate after the second world war.
I.e., at first its origin was purely as an organism that helpers for some time in the daunting task of reconstruction of Europe and in the special case of this entity, provide support for the children. Meanwhile, and given the stamp that got through the various activities which promoted, is that Unicef would become a very important, vital, and regarding international agency in their field: the children.
From the year 1953, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided to turn it into an organism permanently within its system and especially devoted to providing help and protection to children.

Assistance to children and women in developing countries

Currently, its activity is focused on offering aid and humanitarian assistance to children and mothers in developing countries unprotected.

Special fight against prostitution and child exploitation

While support that Unicef practices does not distinguish in countries, type of problems, among other issues, i.e., any child who around the world need it, Unicef will be there and it aprestará to help you, it is worth noting that it does some priorities in its task, for example to avoid under every point of view prostitution and the exploitation of children in those areas of extremísima poverty in which is given very recursively these tremendous scourges , for example in Africa.
Although, of course, their "other" priorities include promoting access to education for all children, drawing eradicate child labour, fight for the integration of all children and promote any kind of improvement which means better care for their health.

Assistance in disasters

Another action in which this organisation is key is with regard to assistance in disasters. Saving lives, reducing losses and suffering of people affected by misfortune, and protecting the rights of children it is serving the Organization in these cases, being always much anticipated his presence.

How does work?

So consider idea of broadcasting that today has the work of UNICEF in the world we must say that it works in more than 190 countries, making it through programs and committees that are established in the various Nations and always act in coordination with the Governments of each nation to further enhance the scope of its task.

Goodwill ambassadors: personalities of the artistic world

On the other hand, we must mention that the task of Unicef is especially widespread in the world by the creation of the figure of the Unicef Goodwill Ambassador. This position is displayed by prominent and notable personalities from different areas, such as music, acting and sports, who adhere in a selfless manner to the proposal of the Organization and then from his office concerned to promote and disseminate proposals for Unicef.
Choosing personalities recognized and loved by the public generates people close to Unicef and want to collaborate with their initiatives.
It is proven, especially in the world of advertising that the famous or the persons who have authority and recognition in a matter are respected and followed by the public in general. Then, to this he said Unicef creating this figure.
Among the most remarkable ambassadors we must mention Shakira, Lionel Messi, Diego Torres, Nicole Kidman, Kate Perry, Dany Glover, David Beckham, Mia Farrow, Ricky Martin, among others.

Distinctions received: Nobel peace and Prince of Asturias

The task that deploys from the moment of its creation is that Unicef has been awarded important recognitions such as: the Nobel Peace Prize, received in the year 1965 and the Prince of Asturias Award to Concord, recently, in the year 2006.
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