What is the Meaning & Definition of unitary

The unitary term refers to that unit, which is related to this, or failing, which has unit, which has naturally to it.
Meanwhile, unit is designated the property that holds all being, which means that it cannot divide without compromising its essence is altered or destroyed by this situation. Also, the unit assumes uniqueness, both in number and in quality.
On the other hand, the unitary Word notes a special significance within the historical context of Argentina, since in this way has been called one of the leading political parties of the 19th century in the mentioned country.
The unitary party was a political grouping of liberal tendency which proposed the need to establish in the country a centralized government, which at that time was called as United Provinces of the Río de la Plata between their bases.
Unitarianism collection entity and importance since the time of the revolution of May and took the model of centralism of which advocated the Napoleonic France. Basically, he felt that the nation preexisted the provinces and that they were only internal divisions that in no way had relevance on the political level.
The unit, i.e. those who promoted, agreed and formed part of this political party formed part of the Buenos Aires elite, intellectuals, military, members of the upper class, who resided in the city of Buenos Aires. The idea of these was that Buenos Aires should be the mistress and Lady of the destiny of the country and who decided across the provinces.
All this from the political point of view, meanwhile, from the economic point of view, the unitary party proposed free trade, that of Buenos Aires was the only port and customs of the territory, modernize the financial system by creating a central bank issuing currency and which boasted loans for the financing of works required for the development of the country.
Opposition to this grouping was embodied by the Federal Party, which proposed course, quite the opposite.
Also called to the supporter of the mentioned Argentine political party unit.
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